Alisha Galloway

What Happened to Icarus

I am an 11 year old poet who is a bit shy but very extrovert. I believe poetry will make the world a better place. I love cats and poetry is everywhere in my life. More poetry coming soon, gotta dash.

My wings in good shape flap as that of birds, They carry me into the heavens, I will touch the sun, My fathers warnings far behind me, I soar through the sky,The sun is in my sights, And my eyes burn by the light, But then when calls of warning flee back to my head, I realize that my wax wings are melting, On I soar till worry overcomes me, But too late for gravity is pulling me down, As I fall my silver green eye flashes on the horizon, I look for hope though I know I'm doomed,The wax is dripping down my body, No help will come for me, For all the clouds are floating by and Father knows he warned me, If death shall come now then I see, It comes by fall into the depths, Come and rescue me, I'm falling into the sea