Michael Melton

Time to move on

Live, Love, Pray.

I tried to catch the winds of Time,

I tried to turn it back on my side.

I even put a sail in the air;

To turn it around, but Time didn't care.

I climbed a mountain, to catch the breeze.

Then Time stood still, watching as it teased.

I tried to trick Time, and went to sleep.

I wanted to remember, but Time trick me .

I just wanted to go back, go back I said,

Time, looked at me and shook its head.

I even tried to reason with Time.

But Time said move on, better days ahead.

One last chance, I knew what to do !!!

Time laughed at me. He knew that too !

I finally gave up, I finally gave in.

I'll just move on , as Time has said.

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