Onyx Perth

A Short Session

My mind
unstable foundation.

They keep talking,
through dreams, comes communication.

A combination,
another citation
never any satisfaction
(Look over here, another distraction)

Formation into another illustration
division by another diversion.

So, what version can take me out of isolation?
(Wait, murder? I thought this was multiplication.)

How many live there now? I need some information.
Because if this conversation involves a congregation
then call for an assembly, it’s time for orientation.

How many are there? I think this is beyond regulation.

It’s time for a confession!
(Why? There has been no violation.)

The situation may be a possession
But I do not have the protection of religion.

Nothing in moderation
We do not need validation from an administration.
The revelation has been in question.

Objection! This is all just speculation.
I’m getting a suspicion that there have been signs of manipulation.
There are signs of depression and in addition
I would like to draw your attention to the blatant exaggeration
and ask for your cooperation
So, we can move past the persecution
to focus on the solution.

The verdict is in!
What is the conclusion?

To Be Continued...

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