K.V Srikanth

Woven at birth

Conflict with oneself
Duality end result
Mind Body alignment
Absent due to disagreement

Not at peace
Actions done Ill at ease
Fear about yourself
Manifests outside

Confidence in ability
Another quality
Feeling of disability
Weak personality

Conduct unbecoming and real
Conscience conducting the
Judgement default right
You cant runaway from yourself

Emotional blackmail
Threat and insistence
Your actions guidance
Life lived on others directions

Sequential bullying
Most worrying
Affects in that moment
Remains moment after moment

Read in books
Heard in lectures
Nothing outside
Everything inside

Fear a lifestyle
Decisions and Actions
Fear filled mind
Faculty denied

Incidents and persons
Cause for confusion
Blaming the outside
Futile lay it wayside

Genesis and basis
Go deep to explore
Cause of Anxiety
With you for posterity

Reason for neurosis
Every day a crisis
Living life by conducting
Rehearsal for dying

Not one but many
Events and humans
Daily resonance
Woven into your 6th sense

Living in a bubble
Pleasing the other
Who not so subtle
While returning the favor

Fake it and make it
Sound way to do it
Aping the brave
Foundation laid

Feeling the fear
Gets you near
Where lies the real answer
Is it going to take a lifetime
To figure ?

God Religon
People and Position
Threat Future
Bully and Law of Nature
Money Reputation
Health and death
Causes of fear
All external

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