K.V Srikanth


A subject that
Sent shivers down the spine
Not sure for others
But definitely mine

Tuition classes attended
Only goal intended
Extra hours in the table
Would make me able

Fabian Sebastian
A mathematician
Teacher by profession
Friendly disposition

Early morning
Started with the training
Sun on the Horizon
Subject mind bending

Step by step
Those days used to the best
Periodically weekly test
Taken with the zest

Classes higher
Subject tougher
Logical and Complex
Oxymoron in nature

Endless wait
Subject never ending phase
Cannot runaway from yourself
Same rule applied to Math

Addition and Subtraction
Problem till age seven
Multiplication and Division
Added to the problem

Numerator and Denominator
Only made it tougher
Profit and loss
Always at a loss

Theorem and Ryder
Too much to remember
Missed it in Class 5
Never catch up in life

Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry
Together in class 10
Complexities in it lay
Nightmare during the day

Weight of Math
Balances the other 9
Halfway through the well
Academic year living hell

Matrix and indices
Reconciling process
Analytical ability not for us
Looking for a chance
To jump off the bus

Already feeling inferior
Only brought laughter
Half the class aiming to master
Their only aim
Centum on this paper

Math like Karma
Finds your address
One of its arsenal
Manifests as an original

Survival to excellence
Math the very essence
Lacking in application
Devotion to the savior
Hopefully gets you ashore

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