K.V Srikanth

Class of 87

Grateful that thankfully
Our parents who thought similarly
Enrolled us at the Don Bosco Egmore
We couldn't have asked for more

Decision by parents
Boon for students
Bonded as friends
Past and Present

Convent education
For future preparation
Tough by definition
Oneness in orientation

Bonding in the past
Till today last
Proof is in the heart
Till now never part

Together 14 years
Nostalgia still brings tears
Friendship always mutual
From the inside and natural

30 years later
Still together
Thankful to each other
For time spent together

Divided by section
Never lost connection
Many a difference of opinion
Moving away never an option

Friends in need
And a friend in deed
School sowed the seed
No exception
A miracle indeed

Problems take sway
Solution a call away
Nothing so tough
Mere presence of the boys
More than enough

Fairweather friends
They are not
All full of heart
Lucky to be a part

Farewell party
Mere formality
Share your vulnerability
Vulnerability becomes history

Fun and support
Straddling both
Every soul pure
From Don Bosco Egmore

From personal experience
Have asked many a friend
Any form of help required
At your doorstep delivered

Class of 87
Ever in unison
United as one
Each one to everyone
 Soulmates till kingdom come

Thank you said
A feeling expressed
Heartfelt and honest
Every interaction purest

Virtuous and precious
Never refused help
Experience universal
Soul mirroring behavior

Decades passed but still
Purity and quality
Heart remains this
Happy to be doing this
Virtues in Arduis

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