Lawrence S. Pertillar

Skin To Dislike

You may dislike,
The color of my skin.
And what to you,
You have been taught...
That represents.
With a doing to judge,
My appearance to decide and choose.
But I dislike you for who you are.
This to me,
Had not been taught at all.
It was you and you alone,
Done with a proving to me...
My time is more valued,
Than to waste it giving respect...
To someone not yet to have learned,
Or thoughtlessly taught...
The meaning or definition,
Of a word to learn and apply...
With a living to prioritize,
Throughout a living of a life,
To realize its significance.
Given to receive and get!
And this to dismiss,
Returns no benefit to anyone!

'What on Earth is your problem?
Haven't I recognized you are black?'

You have.
But much more than that,
Has been intentionally limited...
To restrict your mind,
With ignorance to depend upon!