Lawrence S. Pertillar

Buck Passers

Accustomed we have become,
To feel entitled to pass...
Blame to claim,
Done to place it...
Somewhere else but on ourselves.

Having made mistakes,
To acknowledge them to admit.
Seems impossible to do for some...
Without a lollipop given.
Or a promise made,
For a vacation to ease tensions.

Buck passers travel,
Looking for conflicts.
And not solutions to create.
With a setting fire to a molehill.
Awaiting it to become explosive enough,
Fumes coming from a volcano...
Threatening to erupt.
Will go unnoticed...
By those celebrating,
Their ability to pass a buck.
Eventually discovered to be...
Much more destructive,
To the integrity and credibility of others!
Left to scream and spew,
Words heard leaving a forgiving God...
For the right earplugs to find!

Buck passers can be attributed,
To the rise and high cost...
Of medications taken.
Benefitting the growth,
Of a medical industry.
Seeking and in need,
For more psychologists.
And scientists.
Doing their best to create,
New and approved medications.
Advertised to market,
On a daily basis!

Guaranteed to eliminate,
The latest smell of passed B.S.
Hopefully to prolong,
A doing of a relief time released!
Sold as being cost effective.