Noleen A Finch


Published author of the novel A Fight for Innocence, I've also been published in quite a few anthologies. I was raised with 10 other siblings, in a loving home, and I am now a Mom; and, grandma and great-grandma.

A drug that rhymes with death.
It lifts you up just to tear you down,
Grabbing all your thoughts,
You spin around and around.
It steals your peace
And replaces it with confusion,
‘til the user is a slave
Of a chaotic delusion.
Destroying families every day,
It has no right or wrong,
It leaves you searching for,
A high that has been long gone.
So, when you say just one more toke,
From a crystal pipe burned black
Life has now become a joke
By the meth blade stuck in your back.
…a sad slow death.
Esp for all the innocents affected by this drug.