Amber Rickards

August 14 2006

Amber Rickards is a Poet, writer and inspiring author.

As she walks down the road in the rain. She slowly takes the pin and drags it down her wrist, causing it to bleed.
* drip, drip, drip* goes the blood into a puddle of her unhappiness.
She tries to stop but she continues.
*drip, drip, drip* the blood continues to drop.
What has happened to her?
What caused her to do this awful thing?
She looks at herself in the mirror and sees what she didn’t want to become.
She falls to her knees.
Buries her face in her hands.
She looks up, make-up running down her face.
She screams “ What have I become? Why is this happening to me?”
She slowly gets up and lays in her bed, where she cries herself to sleep.

© A.Rickards August 14, 2006