Joanne Boyle


Joanne is from Hartlepoole, UK. She works as a healthcare assistant and writes poetry in her free time. She captured the nation's heart with the poem she wrote on the occasion of Phillip Duke of Edinburgh's funeral. It is written from the point of view of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the Second…

I have never lost a child but I often wonder how anybody copes who has.
This statue is a representation of how it must feel to be a bereaved parent.
The words are how I can only imagine how it would feel.
I woke up from my sleep this morning
Which I did not want to do.
My days are nothing but nightmares now
And I don't want to make it through.
I make myself a coffee
As I look out to the sky
The cup now fills with tears
The coffee cup never runs dry.
I go back in my mind
And relive the times we shared.
I try to fill this empty hole
By grasping memories spared.
The hole can not be filled though,
And I don't know how to live.
Tomorrow shall be the same,
As I have nothing more to give.
I search everywhere for answers
Knowing there's none to find,
I long to close my eyes again
To put darkness to my mind.
I walk the streets of ignorance
My loss is their unknown.
I look upon all the children
As I cry for the loss of my own.
I have to go on living though,
With this great big empty space
It represents my love for you
As my heart it does replace.