Dawn  D Mitchell

Money Dance

Dawn D Mitchell is an american poet and activist reform most of her poerty has not been released. But today she is apart of a group called Revolution Bob Avakian on actual revolution and the new communism.

watch yah mouth out here watch this you never going to be

unhappy again you better not play with me i might smack

you she start crying take these people out who start crying

she your queen to be everybody on this line get me out of

this shit yo gone be mad if i cant give you nothing

different i need her to be happy im your boyfriend give

yourself a break i want you to be with me i mean it i lost

my way we made love i was so happy shit different i

would never do this again i know what im doing what she

doing i gave her a break she annt coming back excuse

me i need you to come back close your mouth i dont care

nomore she lucky lucky ass fuckin bitch

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