Dawn  D Mitchell

purple kisses

Dawn D Mitchell is an american poet and activist reform most of her poerty has not been released. But today she is apart of a group called Revolution Bob Avakian on actual revolution and the new communism.

late kisses bitches

kisses for tell me about

folks story tellers they upsetting i dont get nothing done

why am i on tv give her a break so im upset smelling this

niggha dun upset smelling omg all my stuff give me a break

this niggha dun put me in the street be careful she mad

i didnt stay thankyou dont do nothing else i gave

everybody a break wack whoever thatbis stank rank thats

me thats me make me happy this girl only girl obama

bothers she dont give me a break when she give a break i

give it back to her okay stay r that way alright

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