Rickey Sadler

My Heart Goes To Guam

An American poet writes poetry mostly about the Virgin Mary

If I wonder my way back to Guam
I sit and listen to those island Palm,
They say here begins America's day
I can see the lovely Sunset at Tumon Bay,
The Ocean waves breaking over the reefs
There on the beach I think of my beliefs,
Oh beautiful island of the Virgin Mary
Mary's footstep on the ocean I will carry,
I honor the patriotic people living there
They will always be apart of as I share,
I'll tell you of their struggle for freedom
In the great war they found their wisdom
My view from a hill of this mystical place
The warm tropical air caresses my face,
The rolling hill looked so gentle and calm
Thinking is my way to go back to Guam,

By Rickey Sadler

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