Joanne Boyle

Seated ❤️

Joanne is from Hartlepoole, UK. She works as a healthcare assistant and writes poetry in her free time. She captured the nation's heart with the poem she wrote on the occasion of Phillip Duke of Edinburgh's funeral. It is written from the point of view of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the Second…

Do not look at me with sorrow,
Simply because I sit alone.
It is a choice I chose to make
To compose the shivers from my bone.
Do not look at this with pity,
As it was what I chose to do.
It was Philips place to be,
I wanted to show that to all of you.
My world of love is shattered,
And my heart is broke in two
But as the peoples Queen,
I still have a job to do.
I want to thank you for your kind words.
As I laid my husband to rest
I had 73 wonderful years,
Being married to the best.
So do not look at me with sorrow,
For a choice that I did make.
I chose to sit alone.
For my countries sake.
The seat beside me was my husband's,
It was not an empty space.
His presence sat beside me,
You just couldn't see his face.