Philip E. Domagala


I am a 69 year old writer living in Titusville, FL.

I'm restrained,
escorted by my own choices,
fettered by my own design,
and now I think, immersed in the image of a
peaceful union with the elements,
as your warmth cradles me in contentment,
your breath, more eloquent than words,
your skin, wakens me with each touch,
I labor to stay in this place,
to arrest the reality of my conscripted prison,
a technical keeper required to exist in an unnatural,
man made world,
and your head on my chest telling me that the
veil of contingency has no significance,
that true value is in the sharing of two souls,
two people molded into one composition,
consecrated by the piquant lure of obtained desire,
the humid commotion of feelings,
manifested, confirmed,
in the gentle kiss of sun-sweetened lips.

Phil Domagala