Lindsay G H Hall

Homage to GMH

Ancient schoolmaster. Prone to write Latin poems. Indigestion with most modern crap, give me Virgil, Milton, Keats, Tennyson.

Lordly May commands us now, enthralls
The welkin’s azure scan, purging sense

Of ancient, mirksome sins, in penitence

For all the bloodstained, ghastly scrawls
With which in taint and want we maimed ourselves. 
Hold us here, Lord, let us pause a while

In this just brief moment. Is it nature’s smile,

Before we have to sift again the shelves

On which our all too learned books must stay?
For in another glorious space, you speak to me

With scowling grace and righteous ire, beckoning 
Love, to extinguish even my mortality,

And make our frailty strength, resign the clay
To all Thy final rod and reckoning.