Jennifer DeLong

Continuous chaos

Chaos has been champion
these last 2 years
Its been a whirlwind of power struggles, perverted ideologies and mind-blowing plot twists
Our goverment has been a side show
Its had us in its grip
tossing us around
Shaking our sense of reality
Even our sense of spirit is rattled ..
Our minds have been thoroughly manipulated in every which direction
We are left to try to figure it out
But how can we
Its just continuous chaos
What are we to believe
How can we find peace
In this continuous chaos
Our day to days
have us on alert
We can't be healthy
its not possible
With this continuous chaos
When will they learn
When will we stand up and say
enough of this bullshit
This continuous chaos
will it be our new normal
has it became.....
© Jennifer L Dlg