Mint To Be

You know we’d make a Pear, you and I.
You’ve got the cutest Radish cheeks,
That makes my heart just skip a Beet,
You are the Apple that resides within my eye.

Do you Carrot all for me, my sweet?
You know your little Turnip nose,
Makes me want to Date you most,
Cuz’ you’re sweet as any cobbler made of Peach.

You know that we were always Mint to be.
I Cannoli love just you,
S’more of us is what I chews
A Pizza heart is what you’ve stolen ‘way from me.

Lettuce marry in a chapel, my love
I’m bananas, you’re so appealing
A Latte love is what I’m feeling
So we’ll be Raisin all our children hand in glove

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