Lawrence Rooks


elusive are the stars in a whispered love
those celestial silken beauties
from the ancient world
the nebulous desire of a haunted wayward soul
confusion is the light that guides
my empty journey
I fall like an angel, dark and mystic
in melting grace of my mourning wail
a galaxy of tears spirals all away
into the tragic distance of an epitaph
gilded pearls of life defile within the grave
life's gorgeous cycles die
grow weary in the pain
martyr every adoration
no atmospheric hope
mistelling skies of cloudy milk
suffocate my every thought
I drink to the tempest in my Zen
I cleanse my jaded secrets
I am the god of my devoured dreams
I am the prophet of my melancholic heart
Inside horizons of decaying faith
dance chimeric silhouettes
beholden to my poisoned dreams
I must now forget