Charlotte Cohen


Charlotte is a born teacher, lifelong learner and lover of all things literary. She considers herself an amateur poet and believes that all should have the chance to compose...whether it be art, music, or poetry!

I gaze at you.
Beauty-full child.
You have become
Sad providence's
New sound.
Existential wonder,
Innocent eyes.
Questioning hearts
Needing replies.

He went away?
No goodbyes?
Does he love us still,
From the other side?
Where has he gone?
Can we meet?
His time here so suddenly...
Come to an end...


What to reply?
Where to turn?
When darkness engulfs me
And I'm so decidedly alone.

And my small children waiting to learn...

What to make of this world -
This new less-brilliant place.
One now without the sight
Of Grandpa's loving face.
One who dedicated
Such gentle care,
To bedtime stories,
Carefully brushed hair.
Music concerts, ballet trips,
Many things worthwhile;

His message, my answer...
I realise with a smile.
"Emor Meat VeAseh Harbeh."
My father ever taught -
My children, be real, be true -
When striving for good;
Don't speak, Just do! You aught
To be completely, unapologetically
Authentically you.

God bless you and keep you
Happy and bright
Know always your Grandpa is with you,
Now he is out of sight.