Christina Coleman Hardin

Children of Fairy Tales

I grew up under the eye of a literary connoisseur. Rhymes, alliterations, and mystical sonnets filled my mind. My particular favorite was the gender bending tales of "As You Like It" with Rosalind. The empowering fables of the Grimms were my bedtime stories, and Dr. Seuss was a regu…


The purity of my sister’s beauty held life far beyond her time

The magic of innocence and the power it possesses,
bewitched her children to safely hold.

An early death she encountered and left me without courage to handle the days to come.
My only hope was to rise with her sun.

Little curls unkept, desperately needing a bow, bounce around to find truth untold.
Sleepy cries and angry tears look at me for reprieve from the blow.

The touch of my sister lies within these magical beings.

I gather them in my arms and feel her nudging me on.

Frailty of mind rested on those little eyes, knowing more than I.
Only through innocence do you have the courage to see, and yet, see past it.

Days and nights muddled. It seemed a semblance of normalcy would strengthen our resilience.
Late night, inconsolable cries left the baby and I with out resolve.
Songs of slumber, rainbows and mommy, were sung to the steady rock of a chair.

After depleting strength of my own, I left her baby to cry.
No sooner had I closed his door; little sister was standing by.

A quiet clarity fell from her lips. “This is not right”.

Her touch was unbeguiled, and she possessed no judgement.
Would my sister have been upset for letting him cry in the dark?

 We stood looking at each other. She did not flinch.
Her sweet spirit was strong, and it pierced through me.

I turned and opened his door. She followed me to make sure.
Her fortitude commanded justice, and it was eagerly given.

We all slept together that night…

Purity birthed Innocence to shine on what is just.

Children like hers belong in fairy tales.


Purity birthed Innocence to shine on what is just.
Innocence knows not what power she holds.

The very touch of Innocence is unbeguiled.
Her love possess’ no judgement.

Her faith is as natural as her breath.
Her clarity defines truth - wisdom falls with honey.

As the lamb is pursued by the wolf, her fortitude
commands justice – no shame.

 It is eagerly given.

Only through Innocence do you have the courage to see pain,
 and yet, see past it.

By what magic does this Innocence entrance?

Her justice disarms the wolf and gives power to the lamb.

…and to think - this is only a child.