Christina Coleman Hardin


I grew up under the eye of a literary connoisseur. Rhymes, alliterations, and mystical sonnets filled my mind. My particular favorite was the gender bending tales of "As You Like It" with Rosalind. The empowering fables of the Grimms were my bedtime stories, and Dr. Seuss was a regu…

Continuance is the future I was made for. It is the gift I give to the world.
What I have started never will finish.

You, my child, are the continuance of me. My presence brought you near and will send you out.

The tittle, the tattle, the bittle, the battle.

Are for those who no longer dream.

The continuance of countenance prolongs and preserves the importance of interminable wit.

The extent and quality of enduring, elloquate the state and statutory of self.

Uninterrupted, unabridged, and unrelenting
gives intensity to the signification of a simple word, continuance.

The exacting factor of (x) elongates the smooth, unbroken curve of (a) to a formulate a life with no end.

Therefore, adjourn the permanence of abidance, our lives are completed with continuance.