Glenn Lumb

A Nod To The Silver Birch!

Born in Norwich/Norfolk many years ago but still rolling on as you do despite the many challenges you face in life. Juggling with words I find highly therapeutic and harmless so let`s carry on, eh!

Dressed for winter in your sprinkle of snowflakes,
Like sequins glistening in light,
The slumber of humble sleepiness
Caresses December nights!

Squirrels rummage free in your branches,
Nimble with athletic skill,
Escape from predator advances
If they chance an opportunist kill!

The White Owl acknowledges your presence,
It's very essence is a privilege to receive,
Perched on your bough in his wisdom,
A vision to cherish with esteem!

Holly, holy evidence from surroundings,
Red berries redder than all year,
The rich green of ivy revival,
Twigs entwined as hands resigned to prayer!

The sacrificial shedding of dry leaves,
Naked branches dance in wicked winds,
The sky reclines, resigned to emotion
As atmospheric clouds are gathering!

Silver Birch, matured, majestic,
Enduring years of naturalistic change,
A veteran in a world that's never settling,
A survivor in arriving decades!