Stacy Dortch


Stacy Dortch is an American poet and educator who works include "Fantasy" and A Little Bit of Greek.

One day after suffering a great deal
To overcome my hardships
I ran to a field
I was overwhelmed with emotions
That a young girl couldn’t share
Because the people that I needed
Was not there
Finally, I stop when my teary eyes saw
With beautiful dreams of the dancing sun
The white and yellow angels
Begin to sing a soul song seemingly
Words of heaven and redeem me.
I begin to be happy
Youthful, careless and free
Through the grass I walked aimlessly
Sometimes I see you when I am happy
Or come to see you until my black mood pass
The clouds were low
The sky was gray
My heart was broken
Bloodied and numb
But the beautiful Dent de lion
Gave me the sun
Tap rooted perennial
herbaceous, round and free
Sweet nectar and pollinate
Fill my heart with glee magically
Special disk radiates
Then I return the loving favor that you gave me
And blow your seeds across space
To travel the world through land or sea.