Tlou "Sean" Seanego is a South African young and upcoming poet and student

Sunday best not at my best
A day that is filled with more emotion
Than a romeo's cry for juliet
A love story that could never be

As I fall into despair
Your revive me with your smile
A need I feel for the ages in a moment
You turn hours into a joyful week

Never have I had such expectations
Anticipating more moves than a game of chess
Stalemate is just the limit I aim for,
The faith I had that I could somehow reach for you has faded

Thought we have become a facade,
A Fishman losing bait is what I have become
Losing sense of myself I am drawn by loss
One I would be way too deceived to handle

My brain imploding, decaying
The degree of loss is a stale dream
A horse stable gives me hope
I fall from all horses, hoping i beat away the pain