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I see...
A missing soul
looking at a cold heart
With watery eyes that
never shed tears
And scars that hold memory
but no pain
I see a baby being raised with
no mommy and daddy
But with a grandma that loves her
I see a 14 year old girl that is slowly losing
the puzzles to her life
Puzzle 1 belongs to Mommy and daddy
Puzzle 2 belongs to murdered brother
Puzzle 3 belongs to scars and
Puzzle 4 and 5 belong to
The Soul and Warm Heart
She once had
What I see is a 16 year old girl
with no emotions trying to
replace the missing
 She lost the day she was abandoned
What they see…
Is an ungrateful child
A weak girl
Who will never succeed
And will always rely on others
A 16 year old that will be a
disappointed to mommy and daddy
A fool who thinks she’ll ever become a
Air- Force Pilot
A lost cause because she never listens
But what they don't see...
 is a 16 year old girl with
an armor ready to take back
what was once broken
And become who she was made to be
And a spark that piece by piece is restoring her soul
But what they will never see is how the love of
Grandma lives within her and will not let her crown
Fall to the feet of the fools.

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