Where I'm From

Poetry Writer

I am from Perfumes
From Florecitas and Café Rico Rico
I am from the flowers on the porch
(Colorful ,petite and tasting like sour apples).
I am from La flor de Maga ,
With soft petals, feeling like feathers in a swan.
I'm from Los 3 Reyes Magos and the loud and the reckless
From Mami and Moyo
I'm from the get togethers and the fast talking
From Ay Dios Mio ! and Te Amo♥️
I'm from catholics priest , reading wordless books and singing silent hymns
I'm from La isla del Encanto and the Native American Chief that protected his tribe,
The Pernil abuelo cooked and the arroz con habichuelas
From the story of Tio Angel fighting in WWII
The tears tattooed on the face of my brother moyo
Looking at you in the mirror of the living room
Reminiscing the moments we had together and moments we cherished this is my Family

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