John McCullough

Lost In Me


As I stand outside this lost world.
U showed me a place.
I could only dream off.
When u walked out my life.
U took more then your stuff.
With u left my soul.
My heart stopped beatin.
How do I do CPR.
When there's nothing left of me.
I chase the night moon.
Cause sleep doesn't come to me.
I jus a lost lonely soul now.
A ship with no rudder.
My mind keeps remembering.
All the times we spent shared together. No
Like a old movie on the screen.
U tore down my armor.
Left me defenseless.
Now im a empty shell of me.
I cant find a place to call home.
Lost in me
Its barren ruined and unlivable.
How could this be what I've become.
I jus wish I could.
Find my way back home.
Home to your arms that hold me so tight.
And protect me from pain and sorrow.
Lost in me