Chief Speak-a-little-French

Waaihoek, Childhood Memories and a Case to Be Made

Chief Speak-a-little-French is my pen name (Makanaka) US Soldier. Proudly Native American. Vietnam, Africa, Native America

“Drinking Southern Comfort at the Hoare Hut, Waaihoek – “You See Tea”, South Africa and I see
Bvumba Coffee, Zimbabwe, An Institution of Higher Learning and The Parttime Alcoholic – Cryptic

It’s funny,
As the years take their toll,
I can still remember an alcoholic beverage I had
Before the turn of the millennium!!

Waaihoek? A central point in hindsight –
One among numerous mountain expeditions when I was a kid –
Race you to the peak?

Make sure there’s a cold one waiting at base camp -
Rites of passage South Africa.

The adults on the trip had a pet name for an alcoholic concoction:
It consisted of tequila, whiskey and brandy I think…
To be consumed in small sips at the end of a day hiking in the hills.