maya brown

your embrace

- young aspiring poet - writing about love & loss

i can still hear the clock ticking
i can still feel you here in my heart

i can still see the shadow of your touch
but you're not here to show me that love

so i drown here in my memories
to find a life with you and me

i will hold them till my depart
while you're regretting loving me from the start

so i stand here in the crowd of our town
allowing me to grieve for the love we cease to have found

i sit and remember your embrace
the one that gave me hope
the one that showed me love
the one that opened me to joy
the one that i realize now is gone

so i drown in my memories
remembering that life with you and me

i get caught up in your embrace
the one that won't let go
the one that brings me home
the one i can no longer feel
because your embrace is not real

but then i realize it's okay
because you would've never loved me anyway