Nola Debera Leech


I'm a senior in High school, I've been writing poetry since I was in 6th grade. It became a coping mechanism for me, to express myself. My goal for sharing my writing, is to help people who are in situations like I was. To know that they're not alone and things get better with time.

Certainty fuels the masses, the hordes of love-sick girls trapped in the misery of longing
I’m not certain of anything in this life, what of myself with my long dreadfully tangled hair and dull sinking eyes
The only clarity I have at this moment is the certainty that I feel for you
Happy is nothing more than accelerated heartbeats, strained under the weight of your own decaying body
Breathing heavily, in hushed whispers. Sweet nothings, then silence
What will happen when I finally break? will the feeling still be there?
The intensity of two humans at the brink of unconsciousness, only a zombie-like state can be of explanation
Maybe I am just a romantic of foolish proportion
Say stop and I’ll catch myself slipping into a cocoon of my own blanketed warmth, undercover, under investigation
There is nowhere to hide when you are stripped bare
When I am ready to plummet, I will
I won’t say anything, because at that moment nothing will be needed
Right now, I’m not sure if I’ll wake