Dominick Harvey


I started writing when I was a teenager when I was going through tough times as an adolescent rebellious and stubborn I eventually stopped but years later when I found myself staring at the ceiling of a cell I was inspired to pick up the pen again

Roaming around circle after circle,
Thinking in an abnegated state,
The unforeseen had arisen,
Too inept to understand the issues which ones to separate,
Surmising a conclusion free from doubt,
Engaging in simple causalities,
Lies told to slander and defame,
Exsistence of fabricated dialogue, thus arousing actions against my name,
The sudden intense of hesitation conceding defeat,
Envisioning an escape is what I implore,
Decended upon one's dignity,
Entrapped no way out to difficult to endure,
Encountering opposition is uncanny,
Steadily contradicting resistance and it's veracity,
So why yield at the power of falsified liberty,
The reading of this concise statement is not of relevance,
Only the comprehension of a vile and neglected reality,