Dominick Harvey

A mother's song

I started writing when I was a teenager when I was going through tough times as an adolescent rebellious and stubborn I eventually stopped but years later when I found myself staring at the ceiling of a cell I was inspired to pick up the pen again

I'll be the one to admit I want much a Mama's boy,
But it was your love I craved,
At times it seemed it wasn't enough,
I'm not selfish I'm just your son,
Without you I would not exist,
You'll always have my love,
But in my heart I feel a fist,
You've held me as I do my own,
That time has passed long ago now that I am grown,
I developed an heard exterior from things I've seen and the life I've led,
Regardless I'm still your child which I need you to believe,
No matter what,
A Mother's love can heal the most distraught heart,
You grow older and I realize you needed me as I needed you,
Do that bond we share will never let us part..