I hope you are okay

Tlou "Sean" Seanego is a South African young and upcoming poet and student

Left in a hurry,
i guess work was just too important,
was my love enough to drive you away?
or was it the crazy obsession i had?

i stay up at night wondering,
wondering if we could have been something better?,
better than a lousy illusion, one you ignored,
sounding like a starker i hope you left your boyfriend

he was just a lousy miscreant that cheated,
could show you the pictures but you never notice me
i say hi, and you reply with a nod every time
your number one fan i have become

every morning you come with a new dress
every morning you look as glorious as the last
that five minute walk home brightens my day
yet its nothing compared to those few seconds you nod

you get on a taxi with a piece of my heart
a piece i gave to you every single day
for you are the highlight of my day
you the reason i go to the rank every day

this lovely day you weren't there!
guess you grew tired of my gazing eyes
i no longer get a moment of those day dreams
i hope you still nod when we meet...