Under the stars

The pain growing taller than the tallest tree,
hate more complicated for us to comprehend,
like the constellations we have no contribution,
contribution to the lame state that the world has become

Like a moon, i am surrounded yet alone
surrounded by empty promises and failure
just full of air, the light fills my bloated dreams
yet i stand out in certain seasons alone

Space feels so dreamy right now
just a lifetime of loneliness seems so needy
Destined to be a lone wolf i need that space as a friend
can Elon provide such an escape?

Secluded in my own little cocoon,
the only place i feel safe,
treasure of being alone i cherish
for that's all i need

Only asked for faith yet even i cant have that,
Credit is just for the faint and the weak,
the courageous to ask seems so outrageous,
for fate is an elusive alliance with the devil