Criss F Rosenlof

There Was You

Criss has been writing poetry since a "Reflections" contest in the second grade. He has been married for over 30 years as of this writing, and has 4 children, and 8 grandchildren.

Walking down the road of life, scared and all alone.
I needed someone in my life to help me carry on.
I was praying to the Lord for someone to help me make it through,
then all of the sudden, there was you.

You came into my life, brought me up when I was feeling down.
Someday you will be my wife, 'cause you make my world go 'round.
I thank the Lord for the gift of love, that came from out of the blue...
'cause when I needed someone, there was you.

You were there when I needed you, you proved your love was true.
'Cause when I needed someone, there was you.

© Criss F. Rosenlof 1988
-I wrote the lyrics to this song back in 1988 when I was dating my wife. It was the first poem I ever put to music, which I also wrote, and it was specifically for my wife LeAnn.