Mary Magdalina

It becomes a memory

Mary Magdalina a little girl going through the dark time,She has been writing poems for the peace in her mind and to come out from the dark world.She is the writer since most recently,known as and SECRET WEAPON OF POETRY. Her first poem , THE BRAVE ONE I KNEW: Who fights to get freedom from the wo…

The flowers bloom and another day passes,
summer comes again.

I walk and walk without a destination
because, eventually there is an end.

Times, that dazzled
Times that won't ever come again.

Days that were so long
that i walked through them with tears.


Because you and i are both here,
It becomes a memory.

I like a fool
forget about love as the season passed
but you we're always by my side.

Your smile that warmly blossomed for me
my sad heart that i couldn't bear show you.


Because you and i are both here
it becomes a memory.