Ezra Rumi


I like to poet

Hath thou winneth of thine Colosseum
Whereth bloodshed but calleth of thine wisdom of gods
Athena giveth of wisdom
Zeus trike with lightning
Apollo shower with arrows
Giver of health bringer of the hearth unspoken she does unnoticed by the common men of Rome
Rome the housing to many but the bane to much
A war unwinable by much of the other nations
A war called upon by the lord of dead
Hades useth of the sabre of Death sharpened by the bones in a heroes body
Death the populator of his kingdom
His kingdom the death of honored, the death of the ungrateful and the death of neutral man
For the war is not over but the war has just begun
Jesus, Moses and Buddha are yet to come.
Firearms are yet to fire and bombs are yet to explode
Rome knows blood and war but yet has it known the war of the modern day
Sabre sheilds and spears called for by the emperor

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