Clifford Villalon

Whiff of Foolish Me

Cliff is an Asian poet and writer of short stories. He pens his writings under "Lord Falcon Fillvi" and "Highlander".

My friends have already revealed that I'm in loved with you
That's why I don't know what to do nor to say.
And so am I confounded as to how should I evade this ballyhoo
With no regret when I wake up early in the day.

It seems to me that you are yet unaffected
By the reverberations whispering in your ears?
But if you'll only knock the portal of my heart unwavered
You'll discover that my heart for you wait and sears.

Others say... I'm not perfect for you.
Others say... I'm not the man you're looking for.
They may be right for making such comments like these.
Comments, however, are not always impeccable and therefore subject to error.

I may be a fool to love someone who cares not for me.
I may be a fool to choose someone who's not probably meant for me.
God knows how much I love you, why don"t you look back and see?
For the shadow of a man with sincerity and urgent plea!