Clifford Villalon

Envelope of Promise

Cliff is an Asian poet and writer of short stories. He pens his writings under "Lord Falcon Fillvi" and "Highlander".

It all started from an envelope
An envelope of promise to return.
Everyday a lady loved so dear by a young man
Is waiting for a love letter in the mailbox.

Rain or shine, not a week passed that a letter in an envelope is not delivered.
Then one day and a week passed and not a single letter was dropped in the box.
Wondering what could possibly happened to the male beau,
The young lady sent a letter to her lover and waited.
But she received no reply.

Many weeks passed and the young lady got sick.
More weeks passed and the expectant lady spent days in bed.
She lost weight and was sleepless in many nights.
Until one morning she received a letter from the mailbox...
An envelope of promise that she long waited.
Finally her energy went back
And each morning she has won her life back!