Astghick Moradkhanians

Love concars all

Engineer and newly retire from state employment!as a poet of several poems which published in international library of poetry titles are as follows; God throuly appears in tornado , universal sins, The light of the world,the mystery of the man of all time in the book title best poems in 2002, Ameriā€¦

Oh father's listen your children and understand their need by doing that you will restore pure love, when growing pain attacked them they won't be alone , then you will see sun shine upon your family. Life iwill be full of love then happiness follows! Remember by helping your children stablishing forever friendship, which never fade away always will be bright! As for me Astghick moradkhanians thanking all loving parents and honrablle children which building heaven above among themselves by having pure spiritual Love above all! Astghick moradkhanians