Aaron Butcher

Successful Work

Blasphemous Poet

The power of the spiritual
Within the ritual
Blood let on the sigil
Repeat so it becomes habitual

Draw a circle and light the flame
Recite the mantra and speak the name
For good purpose or to hack and maim
Focus with your pure intent, know this is not a game

Under full moonlight
Both blue and bright
Blood moon in sight
The spell is full with all might

Open your mind, soul, and body for possession
Know now that you're in the middle of the session
Perfectly in tune, master this profession
Study and learn, work each little lesson

Now thank the demon, respect the spirit
With open mind you can now hear it
Always remember that with acceptance, you'll no longer fear it
The path invoked from within, meditate while you sit

In the middle of your temple is your altar shrine
Around you is the template, now you are mine
The feelings you feel will be all so real, so sublime
These powers you've exorcised are ethereal and somewhat divine

Now end the session and close the gate
Put everything back properly or receive its fate
The love and respect can be hostile with hate
The powers conjured will embody you with its aspects trait

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