Celintro Basso Basson song

two night in Cerro De Gordo

"in 1899 that's how we'd do things. Meet ah Gal and start dating!" Cowboy Huffon Silts (silversmith at Cerro De Gordo)

meet your mother
in cerro gordo
she wanted me
to be me
she needed change for $5.00 doolars
But i only had three
we started talking
and than we were lovers
I was a was the one
that steered the
we would put the horses behind
two beers later we were lovers
she ordered her porkchops rare
i thought that she was
like the others
she challenged me to
a game of truth or dare
people find love
they do things in different ways
months after our first endeaver
she told me how
we'd be spend our days
those folks who came before me were
maybe that's true so she said
she told me she was pregnant
I thought she was outta her head
when you were born
I doubted her
until the doctor called me
to the bed
I looked at you and said
" he us"
than that's when
I started believing what she said

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