When Love Abounds

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When Love Abounds

When love abounds , it fills the earth
With renewed hope , for what it's worth

Love is a feeling , becomes a desire
Some can't explain , it's enthralling fire

A burning passion , from within
The revived feelings , hopes begin

So many types , of love are found
While living life , our heads are crowned …

With this desire , to find delight
When you are met , with loves bright light

Perceive affection , can't be taught
Consumes your mind , that kindness brought

I have this passion , now renewed
And live a hope , I now have viewed

That love finds me , I cannot hide
And accept the gift , that's undenied

Love is a picture , that art affirms
To all who paint , it has no terms

It opens hearts , while closing minds
Decisive sentiment , love now binds

We all need love , and that's a fact
I pray you find , love's emotional act

TommyD 3/24/21