Sterling Warner

Beyond Goodyear Blimps (Or Lockdown Café Genesis)

A Pushcart Prize Nominee, Sterling Warner’s poems and short fiction have appeared in dozens of international literary magazines, journals, and anthologies such as FLATBUSH REVIEW, SCARLET LEAF REVIEW, and STREET LIT: REPRESENTING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE. Additionally, Warner also has written SIX (6) co…

Café chairs empty, solitary bartenders
reflect on days when every body
in the tavern put hands together for
freestyling poets, stand-up comics,
& tone-deaf karaoke singers.

Spring 2020: A broad litany of diverse voices—
electric echoes across the internet—began
to emerge: from moderated facetime venues
to zoom recitations of original verse
windows opened for written expression.
Coast to coast virtual mics provided
Unlimited prompts & fodder for verse
good & bad, images stark & vague,
connotating mild & belligerent attitudes,
playing to a dependable audience at a distance.