Cheyenne Seaman

Young Love ~ Sept. 21, 2020

Born in PA in 2003. Raised in NC. Heading to college to study Pre-Law and psychology to become a lawyer. Love to read. Poet & Story Writer. Carpenter, Tutor, Babysitter, Sister, Daughter.

They said it was young love,
That it was as fleeting as the wind.
I told them they were wrong,
That they would see it last.
They laughed and jeered, never quite untrue.
Looking back, I see it was simply that,
It was young love.

My heart was torn in two.
My tears, like a river, how they flowed.
I thought I'd never heal,
That forever I'd hurt,
But anger, so unchecked, took it's place.
That's what happened after my first young love.
It's all young love.

Over time I realized
That he wasn't ever good for me.
It's what I call young love.
I know all have felt it
Whether they admitted it or not.
So when you remember your younger years,
Know 'twas young love.