Eric Upchurch

YXZ - No More Poems

Artist and Writer of Fantasy and Sci-Fi Literature. Creator of several mods from such great games as Quake II, Daggerfall, Thief II, Unreal 2004, Doom 3, The Witcher, Morrowind, Fallout 3, Oblivion, & Skyrim. All these olde and newbie mods will be released to ModDB and FilePlanet sites as soon as t…

There shall be no more words
for I can't write...
There shall be no more scratching
for I can't spell...
There shall be no more numbers...
for I can't add...

Look at him he's retarted!
Look at him he's doped up!
Eeewww... he smells how can he be?
Look at what he drives?
Look he's broke...
This is what I'm doing!
This is what I'm driving!
Here is the copyright?
I didn't get that idea from him!

Here sign this and we will let you go!
Here play the guitar and do a dance?
Let's all have a good laugh at him!