Your Promises

I'm 13. I love Journey to the Past, Hey There Delilah, and Once Upon a December. I love the movies Scott Pilgrim VS The World and Anastasia."Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music." ~Ronald Reagan"Life's greatest tragedy is not that it will someday end, but that most only live to follow …

You promised me that things would be okay.

But they're not.

You promised me the sun would shine again.

But it's not.

You promised me the sky would turn blue again.

But its black.

You promised me the stars would fall from heaven just for you and me.

But honey, they're not falling.

You promised I'd never cry for you.

But I am.

You promised that if I did cry my tears would dry and new beginning with you would happen.

But everything's still.

You promised me that you would always be here for me.

But you're no where to be found.

You promised you'd stand by me through thick and thin.

But you ran away.

You promised you would never break a promise.

But it was too late for that.

You promised the hole in my heart would never empty again.

But the plug is gone.

You promised that when you saw me you would hug me close and laugh with me.

But you act as if you've never met me.

You promised that I wouldn't have to be alone again.

But I'm standing here by myself.

You promised the rain wouldn't fall on me while you're around.

But there's a storm cloud above me.

You promised that my life would be perfect for now on.

But everything's a mess.

Your promises never last.