sony sharma

your only smile

I had never seen you this way,
as how I am seeing you today.
You look very gloomy,
which makes me also unhappy.
I like to see your face bright,
full of glint and golden light.
I feel the world is crying,
while you lack your beautiful smile.
Let me also know the reason,
why i this lovely season,
where all the flowers are blooming,
its only you who is not cheering.
Can you please include me,
in your problem and difficulty?
I want to be part of your grief,
which might make you feel relief.
Your happiness is everything,
so I keep on praying
that you never be in sorrow,
from me all the joys you borrow.
For your only smile,
I can even cross the nile.
You know how much i love you.
How can I see my beloved so blue?